About Hillary Anapol, Nantucket Weaver

Born the daughter of a third-generation textile family, Hillary Anapol found herself drawn to the art of weaving in her early teens, losing herself for hours upon hours at the foot of her loom.  As a young adult, Hillary studied under the apprenticeship of world-renowned master weaver Margaretta Nettles from Sweden, and eventually branched out on her own, crafting custom rugs for her clients and formally making the beautiful island of Nantucket, 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod her home.

Today Hillary works directly with interior designers, homeowners, and architects to create one of a kind rugs that not only anchor the room at hand but provide an almost visceral feeling to the home. With an expertise in color blending, Hillary relates her finished rugs to that of watercolor, each and every finished piece an original work of art, a true heirloom fashioned with craftsmanship only decades of experience can provide. As a true artist, while working with the chosen color pallets of her clients, Hillary also takes into account the physical attributes of the home, including its surrounding natural elements to best compliment the room she is dressing. She exclusively shows her work Nantucket Looms.

Hillary’s rugs are woven on traditional 12-foot floor looms, honoring historic design practices and techniques.  This Nantucket Weaver says each rug reveal is a celebration for her client, and as they revel in the literal rolling out of the carpet when the piece is finally laid upon the floor, Hillary says of her creation, “Handmade will never go out of favor.”